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There’s nothing worse than being forced to work in a grimy, drab looking kitchen. Happy staff, Healthy attitudes towards work; Unhappy staff, more problems for management. If a commercial kitchen floor is central to your business, then make the most of it by investing in a bright, seamless, clean, safe, and hygienic floors. No grout lines to scrub, no bacteria growing under the vinyl, no peeling paint, just a fully adhered sheets in the colour of your choice.

Protect-All® flooring systems are suitable for all food preparation areas, oily and grubby areas, catering houses, food storage facilities, cool rooms, commercial kitchens. Kitchen floors should only be installed by factory trained professional application team who can handle the surface preparation, and install sheet rubber safety floors which satisfies both Worksafe and the Health Authorities, and saves you time and money every day.

Certified and Authorized

Protect All Flooring


OUR FLOORING MEANS: less downtime, less expenses = more business.

Protecting substrates from harmful intruders

A non­porous construction and fewer seams make Food Service Floors & Protect­All non­absorbent to a variety of substances, including grease, animal fats, chemicals, mildew and bacteria, stains, odors and fluids.

Excellent for: Food Preparation areas Trash, Dishwashing rooms and Laundry rooms.

Keep your flooring maitenance expenses low every day

  • No Re Grouting
  • No Re Painting
  • No Re Caulking
  • No Re Surfacing
  • No Re Sealing
  • No Rubber mats on the floor needed
  • No Expensive Cleaning materials and special cleaning supplies needed
  • No Extra Labor for floor cleaning

Same Day Installation

installation-floorNo fumes, No odors, No dust.

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We offer flooring materials that ensure a safe and hygienic environment

Features and benefits

  • Slip Resistant: NFSI certified
  • ­90% Recycled
  • ­Comfort and Durability
  • ­Easy Cleaning
  • ­Non­Porous
  • ­Zero Maintenance
  • ­Heat or rapid welded Seams
  • ­80% less seams on average vs tile
  • ­Noise Reduction
  • ­Temperature
  • ­Will not absorb stains, odors, and fluids
  • ­Resistant to chemicals, mildew, and bacterial growth
  • ­Can be power/ machine washed
  • ­Same day installation
  • ­Reduce fatigue
  • ­NFPA type 1 rated

Why choose Protect-All Flooring compare to ceramic or porcelain tiles?

Because most bacteria growth occurs in flooring seams, there is a greater risk for bacteria to form when more seams are present. Protect-All Rapid Weld helps to reduce flooring seams by at least 80 percent compared to traditional 6-inch ceramic tiles.

For a typical 1,500-square-foot commercial kitchen, more than 6,400 linear feet (1.25 miles) of grouting are required. By comparison, only 750 linear feet of welding are required with the Protect-All flooring system, which helps to eliminate over 80 percent of the seams.

Save big with Food Service Floors!

Yearly slip and fall statistics

Number of slip and fall requiring hospital care
accidentDisabling injuries from slip and fall
disabilityFatalities from slips and falls

Source: National Safety Council

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